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We sale Servers and Workstations customized computers using these Operating Systems:

  1. Windows 2000 Server

  2. Windows 2000 Professional

  3. Windows XP Professional

  4. Windows 2003/2008/2009 Enterprise Servers

  5. Windows Vista (all versions)

  6. Windows 7/8 (all versions)

  7. Linux (all versions)

  8. Sun Microsystems (Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 11 Express with Java Apps)

We only sale Computers pre-built to order or computers we have in our Online Store. We also develop Custom Database/Software using Microsoft SQL 2000/2005/2008/2009 Enterprise Server, Microsoft Visual Basic dot Net, Microsoft Visual Studio dot NET/2005/2008, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9 and more. However, our main goal is World Wide sales of pre-built Intranet and Internet Enterprise Servers with the possibility of additional customizing using Microsoft SQL 2005/2008 Enterprise Database Software pre-installed to customers request.

New client contract quotes for:

We also provide many other OEM software packages with new hardware.  Website development can be included with new server configurations.  Just send us an email for a quote to Sales Department.  Please enter this code ID in your email text body or subject for reference. (IDamazonADV)

We have been registered as Microsoft OEM System Builders for ten years now. Company Registration ID Number 3273909. The owner is certified in Information Technology Knowledge with 15 years of working with computer servers, workstations, networking hardware and software.  No order is too small or too large.

Our company prefers not to sale pre-built desktop computers manufactured by other companies (Link to our Online Store to buy pre-built PC's) because we build/manufacture our own.  This policy help us to support and repair the computers we sale.

Our computers (that we build) comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor.  Laptops/notebooks setups:  We will setup and program any laptop computer for our clients.  The warranty for laptops/notebooks/netbooks and monitors is 30 days from us.  Additional warranties will be supplied by the laptop/notebook/netbooks and monitor manufacture or hardware supplier.

On the price quotes:

The prices depend heavily on the computer power needed by the clients.  One workstation desktop or laptop can cost you as little as $300.00.  You will get a quote on our high powered advanced servers.  These wide range of prices can have discounts of up to 20% off with large orders.

We are resellers of many other computer add-ons and Technologies  but our business is in Computer Technology-Service. We can not quote you a computer price without knowing what you need and where the purchase order will be shipped.

(No calls will be returned without an Email first to let us know what you or your company need.)

We do business locally in Chicago, IL.  Large order installation in the U.S. can include travel of our technicians to installation site.  Our Online Store sales support is handled by the retail suppliers. Send all mail to the P.O. Box below. There will be no response to your mail using our P.O. BOX or phone calls if you do not contact us by Email first and let us know what you or your company need from us; please!! Sales contract will be needed with large orders.

Address: Chicago, IL 60617-9998 P.O. Box 17806, Country: U.S.
Please enter this code ID in your email text body or subject for reference. (IDamazonADV)

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Director or Sales:

Email: sales@bnjcomputerconsulting.com

Email: bjcc-owner@bnjcomputerconsulting.com

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